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I would like to introduce myself as the Dyfed Group Training Officer.

I am a qualified time served Carpenter Joiner Apprenticeship following the footsteps of my grandfather. I have worked throughout the UK on various construction projects.

In 1988 I had a complete career change and left the construction industry, but I was able to continue using the experiences, life skills, common-sense and an ability to apply practical solutions which I had gained in construction.
In 2019 an opportunity arose with Dyfed Training Group to return to the construction world where I have been able to utilise some of my skills and experience, such as;

• Internal Quality Assurance Assessor ( IQA )

• A1 Assessor

• Level 4 (Adult Education Training)

Royal College of Surgeons Accreditons:

• Specialist Tropical Overseas Remote Medic 

• (V.I.P) Emergency Responder 

• Tactical Emergency Medicine

kevin allford

programme facilitator

& training officer